SNA Political Action Committee (PAC)

What is a PAC?

A political action committee supports an organization's political goals by collecting money from people who share those goals and making contributions to political candidates who support those goals.

Why does SNA need a PAC? Why is the SNA-PAC important?

  • The SNA PAC works to support Congressional members that are involved and passionate about SNA issues.
  • The SNA Executive Board founded the PAC on the heels of the 1981 federal budget crisis that resulted in deep cuts in federal child nutrition program budgets. The goals behind the creation of the PAC still hold true today:
    • To educate Members of Congress about the child nutrition programs; and,
    • To thank the members who continue to support the programs year after year.

What does the PAC do and what role does the PAC have in the legislative process?

  • SNA PAC supports SNA’s legislative goals. Read about these in the Position Paper.
  • Contributions are voted on by the Board and made to Members of Congress who support SNA initiatives.
  • Contributions are made at receptions allowing SNA Government Affairs Staff to have access to key Members of Congress.
  • In non-election year 2011, SNA PAC contributed $8,500 to Members of Congress.

How does the PAC decide to contribute to?

  • SNA actively identifies Congressional members who support our issues, are on committees with jurisdiction over our issues, and with whom we feel we could benefit from cultivating and enhancing relationships. Typically the Congressional members are serving on committees that reauthorize child nutrition programs.
  • SNA typically gives to members on influential committees such as: the House Education and Labor, House/Senate Agriculture Committees, and the House/Senate Appropriations Committees.
  • SNA staff emails the PAC board to seek permission before contributing to a campaign or member of Congress. (Included: bio, importance and basis for recommending a contribution).

Is the money for SNA PAC from SNA member dues?
No. Federal regulations prohibit the SNA PAC from seeking donations outside of SNA’s membership. Therefore, the SNA PAC counts on donations from SNA members.

Are donations to the SNA PAC tax deductible?
No. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Is the SNA PAC associated with a political party?
No. SNA PAC is a bipartisan entity that supports federal political candidates who support issues important to SNA regardless of party affiliation.

Note: Sample PAC Financial Statements are available upon request.

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