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SNA’s CEU Bundling Policy Changed on January 1, 2022

Effective January 1, 2022, SNA is simplifying its Continuing Education Unit (CEU) bundling policy. To allow more flexibility for our members, CEUs will no longer have to be a minimum of 1 hour in length to be accepted for credit for the SNA Certificate Program and SNS Credential renewal requirements. Because of this change, you will no longer have to bundle shorter training sessions in the same subtopic code to reach 1-hour. However, a training session must be a minimum of 15 minutes in length to be accepted. SNA still encourages that training is at least 1 hour in length, but it is no longer required. More information on the new CEU bundling policy will be released shortly and posted on our Calculating CEUs web page. 


Old CEU Bundling Policy

New CEU Bundling Policy
(Effective January 1, 2022)

CEUs must be a minimum of one hour in length.

  • Two 30-minute trainings within the same subtopic code, within the same year will be accepted as one CEU.
  • Four 15-minute trainings within the same subtopic code, within the same year will be accepted as one CEU.

CEUs must be a minimum of 15 minutes in length.

  • Training sessions that are less than one hour in length are no longer required to be bundled within the same subtopic to reach one CEU to be accepted.

Possible Delays with the U. S Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service is currently experiencing high mail volumes and other challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, delivery times may take longer than normal. Please allow additional time to mail your renewal or you can renew online.

SNA Certificate Reinstatement Fees Update

As of August 1, 2021, SNA will no longer be waiving reinstatement fees for the SNA Certificate Program. If your SNA certificate expires, you will still be able to reinstate it within 3 months of your expiration date with an additional reinstatement fee. For more information on the SNA Certificate reinstatement fees, please view the SNA Certificate Reinstatement section further down this page.  

For questions or additional information, please feel free to contact SNA at  certSNS@schoolnutrition.org

Why Should I Earn My SNA Certificate in School Nutrition?

It’s more important than ever to invest in your school nutrition professional development. Getting your Certificate in School Nutrition from SNA shows your commitment to your profession. SNA’s Certificate Program aligns with USDA Professional Standards making it easier for you to keep up with the requirements.

Earning Your Certificate in School Nutrition will:

  • Provide a career ladder you can use to advance in the field
  • Add credibility to your position and to your school's program
  • Enhance your professional image with supervisors, parents, and administrators
  • Stay current on the latest issues and solutions related to your job

Download the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition Program Guide (pdf) to view the initial requirements and learn how the program aligns with USDA Professional Standards. To learn more or to download the application form, visit our How to Earn Your SNA Certificate page.

SNA Important Update: Certificate Program Fees Increase Effective October 1, 2019

Recently, the SNA Board of Directors approved a small increase in the fees for the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition, which will go into effect on October 1, 2019. Fees for SNA Members will increase as follows:

Certificate Initial Application

Level 1 -$18 (from $17)
Level 2- $21 (from $20)
Level 3 -$23 (from $22)
Level 4- $33 (from $32)

Certificate Renewal

Level 1 -$12 (from $11)
Level 2- $13 (from $12)
Level 3 -$15 (from $13)
Level 4- $17 (from $15)

Certificate Reinstatement

Level   Annual Member   Renewal Reinstatement   Total  
Level 1 $12 (from $11) $18 (from $17) $30
Level 2 $13 (from $12) $21 (from $20) $34
Level 3 $15 (from $13) $23 (from $22) $38
Level 4 $17 (from $15) $33 (from $32) $50

SNA Certificate Program – Professional growth is now more attainable!

SNA has now launched the additional Level to the Certificate in School Nutrition Program that will serve as a “bridge” between Level 1 and the old Level 2. The goal of the new Level 2 is to help members have a more realistic professional development path and help them strive toward continued growth and experiences beyond the Level 1 requirements.

The new Level 2 requires 46 hours, which is less than the old Level 2 requirement of 86 hours. Download the updated SNA Certificate in School Nutrition Program Guide to view details about the requirements for the new Level 2 of if you are ready to apply download the application form.

Questions? Email certsns@schoolnutrition.org or call SNA’s Service Center at (800) 877-8822.

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